Sunday, 31 January 2016

Ross Prize Dinner

Just a few pic from the dinner this year. I'm glad you all had a great time, thanks Wobbly Bob organising it, I think everyone will agree that it was a good meal. Those who stoppped over said the breakfast was good also. Our guest of honor Mr. Reay was over the moon to attempt to tell us his one liners. a couple of apologies, after I'd got El Presidante to sign the certificates I spotted a couple of mistakes on 2 of them. From memory, Phil Hill and Tom, both of your cert have the presidents signature missing.  If worried about it, either see John or me to get it signed. The 3rd apology goes to Laurence, not Lawrence...... Again, if you want a nice shiny new cert, it'll take me a press of a couple of buttons to fix.

These are the best of the pics, if your mising, it probly means we have a good picture of your back as you forgot to face the camera, thanks to Tony the Tiger for his David Bailey impersonation.

That mouse ran off withan after 8

laughing at his own jokes

Richard Wilson

12 hour champ Phil Hill

Tony the Tiger

James Whittaker

Jenifer Hill

Steve Millard (Peter Pan)

Julie Stephens with her heel firmly planted into Bills foot

Laurence Morgan

Robin Wobbly Hill

Dennis Beard

Adam Spector

Gary Downs

Angie Downs, along with Gary get to look after the VT....and polish it

Dave Harwood looking for nits

Nigel Skyrme renowned for the grip of death

Handicap ringer, James Coull, does his Tony Bennett impersonation

Jerry Roberts please to win the Hill climb cup

Sarah Cosker Ladies BA.R.

Will Beavan 25 cup, Don Woodam cup, Jack Morgan cup

Paul Stephens, Senior & Vets B.A.R., 50 cup

Sun velo's chief of promotions

Mark Taff Lavington, Product placement officer

John Hall presents Derek Hill with the hall trophy

super dooper happy, Jon Airey scoops the Riders rider cup

Having been up for so long, that incontinent moment struck

entertainment trophy winner Sharky

Matt Fallon, could not make the do, but with his KM Sprint trophy

Boxing Day 10

Well, only just got around to putting the results up. A great turn out, both Andy and Mark putting in some cracking times for the time of year and the conditions.

Thanks to Bill & Colin at the turn, Audrey & John in Lydbrook, Adam
Matchette Timing & Dawn Wilkinson pushing off.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

catching up.....

Now the nights are darker, it give me a little more time to do stuff I should have already done, but hay. I'd rather be riding my bike whilst I can!

Just done the working for the Marcle circuits, boy was Earl consistent.  Red are the fastest laps, blue the slowest laps

I will be chasing trophies before long, if your Ross way in the near future, can you pop them in to me please.

Richard W, Rick, Carrol, if you only receive the email with the link to this page only once, can you let me know, it means your not on the club mailing list. If you don't get an email altogether (means you found this on FB or straight off the blog page), again let me know, I will sort it with a little help from Tom.

Keep an eye on your inbox (see above), The Wobbly is in the process of getting close to sending  notice and menu for the prize giving in January. I have seen the menu, looks gooooood.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Ross Hill Climb 2015

This year’s Ross Hill climb was once again purgatory. I never know why I put myself through it during the event. Every year I threaten to bring an oxygen bottle for the finish.

We had 10 fruit jobs up for the challenge of a) winning, b) winning the trophy c) winning and winning a trophy, d) first lady, e) surviving.

The two whippersnappers from Climb on stole the show up Alt Bough. Watching Ceri fly off the line was impressive. I said he’ll never keep that up, needless to say he did. Fantastic ride, fantastic time. Not a million miles behind, team mate Josh managed 2nd spot, again a very good time, most of us ol’ timers can only now dream of.

Fastest Ross rider was our own hill whippet Jerry, I lose count of the times he’s won the event, always putting in a good consistent ride whatever the year. Top marks for effort has to go to Rick, not sure where this burst of speed has come from but to be a mere 3 seconds behind Jerry is good, when he sees the trophy for fastest Ross rider, I’m sure he’ll go faster next year.

When I saw Huw and his mum turn up on bikes I was sure Debs (his mum) was going to have a go. Huw ended up holding up family tradition to be a smidge over the 2 minute barrier. Millie has suddenly found his mojo, 2 events in 2 weeks having retired from racing 2years ago. Will we see him going for it next year?

Tim was the person I struggled to work out how he’d fare, as it was, not too badly. You always know when someone’s given it the full beans, as he was complaining about tasting blood afterwards. Me, I’ve either got to stop doing HC’s or lose 2 stone – watch this space.

Rachel achieved first lady home. Admittedly she was the only lady, but as in all these events, “you can only win it if you’re in it”, just squeezing under the 3 minute barrier.  What an effort over the line, racing side by side with Rick up to the line – he wasn’t going to pass….. (he did but then got worked over on the line). 

In last spot, yes someone’s got to be last was Sharky. Riding John’s winter steel horse frame was a far cry from the last time he rode 8 years ago. Cookie slipped a disc trying to lift the bike afterwards.

Thanks this week to Julie starting watch, Bill (supported by Jon) mountain goat watch at the finish, Tom “the Power” launching and Emma for the photos. There are a lot more, so if desperate for more of yourselves, let me know. 

Rider of the day was (difficult choice this week), but Julie decided  our own Peter Pan Jerry should be rider of the day

Next event is the Boxing Day 10; stick it in your diary

Check the forum for what’s on or face book for up to the second activities

Ceri Middleton
Josh Sandman
Jerry Roberts

Rick Harris

Huw Edwards
Newport Olympic
Steve Millard

Tim Newland

Paul Stephens

Rachel Morgan

Catalin Patrichi


Cookie flattening the course


Power and grace


 What goes up must come down